Vygon signs exclusive agreement with Carmat to develop and manufacture vascular graft compatible with Aeson artificial heart

June, 21th 2023

Collaboration between two prominent medtech companies will see Vygon create vascular graft to connect Carmat’s artificial heart to patients’ arteries.

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Appointment of Ludovic Richard-Vitton as CEO of Vygon

We are thrilled to announce two new promotions within our senior leadership team.


After serving as CEO for 22 years, @Stéphane Regnault will be stepping aside and into a brand-new role as group president. Stéphane will continue to represent the company as group spokesperson focusing on leading our international expansion.

Our newly appointed CEO is a familiar face at Vygon, @Ludovic Richard-Vitton. We are pleased to congratulate Ludovic on his promotion, he has been with us for over 20 years, contributing to the growth of Vygon, including the development of Nutrisafe2, one of our flagship neonatal ranges.

Ludovic moves into the role of CEO from VP of our Critical Care Business Unit, to oversee the international roll-out of Vygon’s industrial and commercial strategy. He has a wealth of experience working in several departments at Vygon and understanding of all our company values. We look forward to seeing the new directions he takes us in!

Congratulations to Stéphane and Ludovic on their new roles and here’s to new beginnings for 2023!


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Vygon announces the acquisition of Macatt Medica, a Peruvian distribution company.

March 8th, 2022

With this acquisition, Macatt Medica becomes a fully owned subsidiary; boosting Vygon’s presence in South America.
The company distributes the majority of Vygon’s products in Peru, including a wide range of enteral nutrition products.

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Potential for Medication Overdose with ENFit Low Dose Tip Syringe: FDA Safety Communication

27 october, 2021

On 12, October, 2021 the FDA issued a safety communication to patients & healthcareproviders about the potential risk for overdose when using ENFit low dose tip syringes.
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HD Contamination in Oncology Day Units

Highlighting where are the risks for healthcare workers when administering Chemotherapy?